• Linje S – Languages




35 weeks, full-time studies

• Have you recently arrived in Finland and want to learn Swedish?
• Have you lived here for a while and found you need to learn more Swedish?
• Are you a professional and required to use Swedish at work?

• VOKI – Everyday skills and communication




The VOKI course is for immigrants who have reached the end of their integration period but who still need more support to navigate everyday life in Finland and more time to prepare for further studies and work.

VOKI part 2: 8.1-5.4.2024

VOKI ABC: 18.3-7.6.2024

Suitable for those who:
• need to improve their Swedish proficiency
• need to improve reading and writing skills
• need to strengthen basic skills like mathematics and IT
• need more time to prepare for further studies and working life in Swedish