Former students’ association – Efo-vännerna

The Former Students’ Association is almost as old as the school itself and was founded to strengthen and uphold the ties between the school and former students. Membership is voluntary and anyone who participates in courses arranged by Efo can become a member, this applies to staff members as well. The association is registered under the name Evangeliska folkhögskolans vänförening Efo-vännerna rf. Hangö Campus used to have their own association, “Hangöskolans vänner”.

During the annual meeting, which is held in March on Annunciation Day, we welcome new members. Many former students, as well as other friends of the school, gather to take part in this event. Especially for those who celebrate an anniversary the meeting offers an excellent opportunity to rekindle old friendships and meet up with former school friends to revive old memories and exchange news.

During the annual meeting of the Former Students’ Association new board members are elected and activities for the coming year are laid out and discussed.

On Saturday night before the actual festivities on Sunday it’s been customary for the association to organise a sale of handicraft, baked goods and other foods to support the work of the association. Sometimes other kinds of events are arranged for the benefit of the association and Efo. The association serves cake to the students every year.