Garantiföreningen för Evangeliska folkhögskolan i Svenskfinland rf

The trust fund Garantiföreningen owns Evangeliska folkhögskolan and anyone is welcome to become a member. Membership costs 22 € per annum and currently we have around 1380 members.

The board, which is the executive body, is elected at the annual meeting. Current members:

  • Mikael Still (chairman)
  • Brita Jern (vice chairman)
  • Tuomas Anttila
  • Matts Nysand
  • Kristian Åbacka
  • Michael Åbonde

All board members have their own personal substitute member. The board convenes about seven times a year.

Would you like to become a member and share the responsibility for Efo’s future? Contact us by email or by phone +358 10 327 1610! You can request to have the statutes sent to you if you like more detailed information about the trust fund and how it operates.