VOKI – Everyday skills and communication, external financing

More than 30 years’ experience of language tuition and integration in Finland.

  • VOKI part 2, 8.1–5.4.2024, 12 weeks: 46 study days and 12 days of work practice

  • VOKI ABC, 18.3-7.6.2024, 12 weeks: 55 study days

  • Schedule: Weekdays from 8.30. a.m. with 20 lessons (á 45 min) per week.
  • This course is free. Lunch is included. VOKI is a course financed by the Ministry of Education and Culture.
  • For more information, contact: voki@efo.fi : voki@efo.fi

  • In autumn 2023 and spring 2024 Evangeliska folkhögskolan offers a course called VOKI – a course in everyday skills and communication for immigrants who have reached the end of their integrations period. If you need more time to learn Swedish and more support to prepare for studies and work, this course is perfect for you. An important part of the course is practicing and improving our language proficiency and everyday skills through practical communicative exercises. The course content is guided by the participants’ individual needs and goals. We follow a slow study path.

    If there are study places available, students with an integration plan can participate with 26 lessons a week.

    Suitable for those who:

    • need to improve their Swedish proficiency
    • need to improve reading and writing skills
    • need to strengthen basic skills like mathematics and IT, among others
    • • need more time to prepare for further studies and working life in Swedish.

VOKI part 2 is a continuation of the first VOKI course. The course focuses on developing the reading skill by reading whole sentences and texts. It also prepares for studies and job seeking.

VOKI ABC focuses on basic reading skills (letters, words and short sentences) and basic communication. We also consider different work possibilities for the future.