Studies and Fees

Fees 2021–2022

The fee is 0–75 € / week and includes instruction, handouts, insurance.
Those who study 20 h / week pay 60 €. Lunch is included in the fee.


• If you have an integration plan approved by the TE-office you study for free (Linje S).
• If you study within the extended compulsory education programme you study for free (Linje X).
• The school can grant you financial support in the form of student vouchers. They can cover either the whole or part of the weekly fee. You can get an application form from the school office. See financial support.

• Contact KELA for other possible forms of financial support. Students at Studies at Efo can apply for state-aided study grants.

For students within the extended compulsory education programme accommodation and meals are free.

• shared room 40 € / 5 days
• single room 60 € / 5 days

Full board for full-time students, 18 years and older, is 380 € / month.
The price includes all meals during schooldays, not during weekends and holidays.

For students eligible for the KELA housing benefit the sum is 88,87 € / month for accommodation in the dormitory.